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Friday, August 31, 2018





OCERS Makes $50 Million Private Equity Commitment to GGV Capital


At its regular meeting on August 30, 2018, the Investment Committee received a report about a $50 million commitment to private equity manager GGV Capital's GGV Capital's GGV VII ($40 million) and GGV II Plus ($10 million).


Since inception for the period ended March 31, 2018, OCERS' real estate portfolio has delivered a 9.1 percent net IRR (Internal Rate of Return) and a 1.5x investment multiple. OCERS' closed-end investments have generated a 13.2 percent net IRR and a 1.3x investment multiple. OCERS' open-end investments have generated an 11 percent net IRR and a 1.7x investment multiple.



Investment Portfolio Update


OCERS' total fund recorded a 1.37 percent return (net of fees) in the month of July 2018. Looking at longer-term performance, OCERS has recorded a 2.29 percent increase year-to-date. For the trailing one-year span as of July 31, OCERS has recorded a 7.56 percent return; looking at the trailing 3-year period OCERS has earned 7.16 percent. For the trailing 5-year span, OCERS' recorded a 7.05 percent gain.


As of July 31, 2018, OCERS' total fund was at $15.9 billion.



OCERSí Board of Retirement will hold its annual Strategic Planning Workshop at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Santa Ana Orange County Airport, 1325 East Dyer Road, Santa Ana, on September 12 and September 13, 2018.



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