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 Tax Information


Federal and State Taxes on Benefits

Retirement allowances (including disability retirement) are generally considered taxable income under both federal and State of California income tax laws. At the time of retirement you will need to instruct OCERS on your tax withholding election. If you have any questions regarding the taxability of your retirement allowance, please consult a tax professional.


OCERS does not withhold state income taxes for any state other than California.


Special Rule for After-Tax Member Contributions

Member contributions prior to 1986 were made on an after-tax basis. Contributions are not taxed when disbursed, but the interest is taxable. Purchases of Service or redeposit of contributions (lump sum payment via personal check or installment payments) made with after-tax monies are also not taxed when disbursed.


Tax Withholding Options

You may change your current tax withholding options, by logging into myOCERS and submitting your changes online, or you may download the Tax Withholding Election form and return it to OCERS.


IRS Tax Calculator

Click here to use the IRS tax calculator. This will assist you in determining your withholding. Do not submit a W-4 form to OCERS; submit a Tax Withholding Election form and return it to OCERS. You can do this either through your online myOCERS account or you may download the Tax Withholding Election form and return it to OCERS.



The 1099-R form provides each payee with detailed information of his or her income for the previous year. OCERS mails out 1099-R statements to all payees by January 31st of each year. You may also view or print copies of your 1099-R statement online, by logging into myOCERS. To request copies of your 1099-R for previous years, please call OCERS at (714) 558-6200. Click here for information on how to read your 1099-R statement.


415 Limits and The Economic Growth and Tax Reconciliation Act of 2001

The Annual Benefit payable to a Member under the System at any time shall not exceed $210,000 (for 2016) ($215,000 for 2017) or such other dollar limit specified under section 415(b)(1)(A) of the Code, automatically adjusted under  415(d) of the Code, effective January 1 of each year, as provided by the Internal Revenue Service. The limit may be decreased for members retiring prior to age 62 or increased for members retiring after age 65.  Members should consult their tax professionals with questions regarding limits.


Annual Benefit Compensation Limit for PEPRA Plans U, V, and W

The 2017 annual benefit compensation limit for an eligible PEPRA member in plan U, V or W is $142,530.


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